News / 2019.10.09

We've teamed up with Meiko Network Japan to provide a specified skills visa online course for foreigners living in Japan

Starting September 28, we're offering the "YOLO Specified Skills Course," an online Japanese language course aimed at helping foreigners living in Japan obtain a specified skills visa. The course is a collaboration with Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd., who run the privately instructed Meiko Gijuku cram school.

The specified skills visa was created in April 2019, and allows foreigners living in Japan to not only work part-time, but to become full-time employees in 14 different jobs. In order to obtain the visa, applicants must take a "specified skills measurement test" according to the type of work as well as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. However, it is difficult to pass these tests through self-study, and Japan is nowhere near reaching its goal of 340,000 applicants.

YOLO JAPAN has developed a course to help prepare for the specified skills visa examinations called "YOLO Specified Skills Course," in collaboration with Meiko Network Japan, who run a Japanese language school. We plan to offer the program to accomplished foreign part-time workers, with tuition fees covered by the company.

This course will make exam preparation easier for foreigners living in Japan hoping to obtain the visa. For companies looking to increase foreigners in their workforce, the course allows them to support foreign part-time workers' exam studies without having to develop their own curriculum. As a result, they may reduce hiring costs by increasing specified skills full-time employees.

<YOLO Specified Skills Course features>
1. Reduces hiring costs by changing visa status from part-time to full-time
2. Prepares students in the month and a half leading up to examinations with a commitment to results. Follows a pay-for-performance model where those who pass pay in full.
3. Curriculum developed and operated by Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd., using their knowleddge of running a Japanese language school in Tokyo.

<Services offered>
1. Online lessons to prepare for examinations according to the type of work
2. Support through weekly counseling
3. Progress check through tests at each lesson

Upon starting this service, we will be holding regular Japanese classes, "YOLO Japanese," to help foreigners living in Japan with work and everyday life. The class will be held in the event space (500 capacity) of YOLO BASE, which opens on September 28. It will be led by a Japanese instructor from Meiko Network Japan, and students will learn Japanese conversation skills for different situations with a new theme each week. Any foreigner living in Japan may participate regardless of nationality or age. 

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