News / 2019.10.09

We're offering financial services for foreigners in cooperation with Seven Bank ~ Our first step is improving overseas transfers and accessibility to job recruitment information for foreigners living in Japan ~

Starting September 28, we will be working with Seven Bank, Ltd. to support foreigners making their living in Japan, starting with financial services.

With the progressing globaization of society and economy, more and more foreigners are working in Japan every year. We will be offering Seven Bank's overseas transfer services (※) to YOLO JAPAN members, and those who visit Seven Bank's website will be able to easily access YOLO JAPAN's site, which provides employment recruitment information necessary for foreigners living in Japan. We want to contribute to a stronger support system for the lives of people using both services.

Through deepening our cooperation with partner companies, YOLO JAPAN aims to improve the environment of financial services for foreigners living in Japan and offer advanced problem solving for all things related to finance.

Foreigners living in Japan reportedly spend over 3 trillion yen per year, but our financial services remain far from kind to foreigners. YOLO JAPAN believes that if Japan wishes to increase foreigners in the workforce, it is crucial that we have convenient and easy to use financial services, such as credit cards and cash cards, and we want to make an active effort in these areas.

(※) Overseas transfer service is for Seven Bank account holders only

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