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News / 2024.06.03

YOLO MOBILE Plan Price Change Announcement✨

YOLO MOBILE (SIM card) plans have been upgraded for a more convenient experience!
We've made some big changes to our plans so that you can enjoy watching more videos and calling your friends for a longer time💪
With new features and supported languages, now's the perfect time to switch to YOLO MOBILE!
Check out the changes below and share them with your friends💖

「Data + Phone Number」 plan only.
① Data + Phone Number
② Data Only
You can now select one from two options.

◆Voice Call Plan(Excluding tax)
3GB: 1,480 yen → 999 yen
6GB: 1,980 yen → 1,399 yen
12GB: 2,480 yen → 1,539 yen
25GB: 3,980 yen → 2,589 yen

◆Internet Data Plan(Excluding tax)New!
3GB: 749 yen
6GB: 1,099 yen
12GB: 1,239 yen
25GB: 2,289 yen

We also have other data plans available, check them out!

【Supported Languages】
◆Application Page
3 languages (English, Chinese, Vietnamese)
7 languages: Japanese / English / Chinese / Vietnamese / Korean / Indonesian / Portuguese

◆Customer Support
3 languages (English, Chinese, Vietnamese)
8 languages: Japanese / English / Chinese / Vietnamese / Nepali / Burmese / Tagalog / Indonesian