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Column / 2024.06.17

【User's Feedback】Experience the Dream of Becoming a Sushi Chef in Osaka!🍣

YOLO JAPAN user, D has finally made their dream of becoming a sushi chef come true!
D, who lives in Osaka, finally made their dream of becoming a sushi chef come true at "生産者直営 海鮮居酒屋 Rikusui".
The inspiration for making this dream a reality came from their participation in the YOLO JAPAN and Rikusui monitor program.

《Monitor Content》
・Receive a lecture from a sushi chef and eat the sushi you make yourself
・Enjoy an all-you-can-eat sushi and tempura course for free

For D, who had never made sushi before, this experience was a "memory to last a lifetime."

Amazed by The Freshness of The Ingredients and The Skill of The Sushi Chef
D's first impression was the freshness of the fish used at Rikusui.
Every day, the seafood delivered fresh from the market was incredibly fresh, and D was moved by its aroma and flavor. Additionally, D learned about sushi knowledge and techniques from the sushi chef, and was amazed by the chef's smooth movements.

Making My Own Original Sushi
After learning the basics, D finally got to make sushi themselves. With advice from the sushi chef, D carefully made sushi by themselves.
At first, D's hands were clumsy, but gradually they got used to it and finally completed their own original sushi.
The sushi D made was perfect in both appearance and taste. D was very excited to eat the sushi they made themselves, and they were impressed by the deliciousness when they took a bite.