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Column / 2024.06.18

🏳‍🌈June is PRIDE Month🏳‍🌈 Let's celebrate PRIDE!

YOLO JAPAN is celebrating PRIDE month in June🎉

June is known as "PRIDE month" worldwide, and activities to expand LGBTQ+ rights are taking place all over the world. YOLO JAPAN also supports this activity in order to create a society that recognizes diversity. This time, we will introduce YOLO JAPAN's LGBTQ+ friendly activities.

《Rainbow Color Logo》

 Only in June, YOLO JAPAN logo will be in rainbow colors!

Try to find out where it is🌈

Each rainbow color has a meaning, so let's find out about this color.



International Cafetaria

June 7, 2024 (Friday), we hosted an International Cafetaria with the theme "PRIDE"🌈🌈
We were delighted to welcome a diverse group of participants from all over the world this time too.

Event Page



《LGBTQ+ Friendly Job》

This is a featured job that collects companies with the job tag "LGBTQ."There are companies that are LGBTQ+ friendly without this tag, but why don't you check this featured job first? 🌈

LGBTQ+ Friendly Jobs




We publish the results of online surveys on LGBTQ+ as a column.While reading this column, please make time to think about LGBTQ+ 🌈


《Secrets you can't tell your partner》Everyone's answers

《What do you think about same-sex marriage?》Everyone’s answer


YOLO JAPAN will continue to support this activity, not only during PRIDE month.

In order to create a LGBTQ+ friendly society, let's think while researching about PRIDE🌈