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News / 2020.04.22

Decided special cash handout will apply also to foreign residents with a residence status of 3 months or longer

Decided special cash handout will apply also to foreign residents with a residence status of 3 months or longer
*Exchange students and technical interns will get the option to have their residence status extended or changed

Special 100.000 yen cash handouts to apply to foreigners too

A sample of the special cash handout application form sent by the local authority in charge

On March 20th 2020, as an “economic emergency measure against the spreading of New Coronavirus” the Japanese government decided to grant 100.000 yen to those who apply to the special cash handout, among all those living in Japan. This includes also foreign residents and international exchange students staying in Japan for 3 or more months. Applications are to be addressed to governmental local authorities in charge, and can be sent online or via standard post. Application deadline is 3 months.

About the Special Cash Handout, from the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Japanese only): https://www.soumu.go.jp/menu_seisaku/gyoumukanri_sonota/covid-19/kyufukin.html

How to apply to the  special cash handout (via standard post):
1. You will receive a paper application form from the governmental local authority of competence. The form delivery date will change according to the local authority.
2. After filling the form with the requested items, post it to the local government.

Check here for the homepage of the different local authorities (click on the area where you live from the map on the page):

Possibility of extension or change in the residence status for international exchange students and technical interns

An application for for approval of residence status change

International exchange students can extend their residence status or change it. In case of experiencing difficulties in securing return flights and getting back to the birth country, it will be possible to change residence status to a “90 days Short Stay” status. If after 90 days, the condition of impossible repatriation persists, it will be possible to apply for extended stay approval. 

Those foreign residents classified as technical trainees and specific skill workers, when dismissed, will be able to change their residence status and proceed with job hunting. Technical trainees and specific skill workers whose training became difficult to continue can change their residence status to “specific activity” and can stay in Japan for up to one year. Moreover, since this “specific activity” consists in a visa valid for job hunting, they can search for employment while working.

You can get more details at the nearest Immigration Bureau Office
Immigration Bureau Office Website: http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/

Immigration Bureau Office Website: