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News / 2020.10.22

YOLO JAPAN launches "YOLO English Camp," where you can experience a trip around the world without leaving Japan

In the picture, students from Nishotokuni Senior High School will attend YOLO English Camp from October 26th

With instructors from different countries around the world, now you can experience English conversation like you're abroad without leaving Japan.

YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Taisuke Kaji, Osaka Headquarters: Naniwa Ward, Osaka, hereinafter "YOLO JAPAN"), which operates one of Japan's largest media sites with a membership of more than 160,000 foreign residents from 226 countries, will start offering "YOLO English Camp," a service for junior high and high school students to simultaneously learn English and have a cross-cultural experience within Japan.

Due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus, many junior high and high school students have lost the opportunity to study abroad. YOLO JAPAN, which has operated Eikaiwa services for many years, has been contacted by many different schools asking about any alternatives to studying abroad. Therefore, YOLO JAPAN has decided to offer "YOLO English Camp," where you can study in an English-immersed environment for 24 hours at YOLO BASE, a working inbound training facility for foreigners operated by YOLO JAPAN.

The concept of YOLO English Camp is to "experience a trip around the world without leaving Japan." Various experiences are available within the program.

<Effective English learning in small teams>
For every 1 foreign instructor, there will be a maximum of 8 students. Additionally, since the use of Japanese is banned for 24 hours, students will have the mindset of "I have to speak English," just like abroad. 
Since students will be able to ask about what they want to ask, they will be able to learn real English conversation. In addition, since students can enjoy different aspects of English through the program, such as how to make a slide show (which can also be used in professional fields), cross-cultural exchange, role-plays and giving a tour in English, and games and quizzes, students will learn more effectively.

<Cross-cultural exchange with people from around the world>
Since YOLO JAPAN has registered members from over 226 countries around the world, teachers don't only just speak English, but they have various cultural backgrounds from around the world.

Therefore, at YOLO English Camp, students will not only study English, but experience different cultures and backgrounds. At the "cross-cultural exchange" session within the program, instructors will teach students about their countries, hold team quizzes, and teach cultural dances to help students better understand different cultures. Since the instructors come from countries all over the world, the cross-cultural experience will be like traveling the world without leaving Japan.

<The extraordinary art-space known as YOLO BASE>
Located in Shin-Imamiya, Osaka, "YOLO BASE" is a large and open facility at nearly 5,000 m2, complete with a hall full of art from over 100 artists. You can enjoy different tastes at the restaurant serving an international array of cuisines or enjoy the rooms in the hotel where each features art from a different artist. Additionally, there is a 24-hour ventilation system and cleaning and sterilization are done regularly, so you can spend the entire day safe from the novel Coronavirus.

Through this service, YOLO JAPAN will provide for children, who will lead the next generation, with the opportunity to interact with people of various nationalities who have a variety of values in order to broaden their horizons. 
By doing so, we can spread a global way of thinking in order to realize YOLO JAPAN's goal of "creating a happy society in which Japanese and foreigners can coexist." On the other hand, while creating employment for foreign residents, YOLO JAPAN wishes to teach them about Japanese people to eliminate prejudice.

Additionally, approximately 40 students from Kyoto Prefectural Nishotokuni Senior High School will be attending YOLO English Camp from October 26th to 28th. When interviewed before the camp, we heard the following from students.

"I had already prepared my clothes for studying abroad when Corona ruined my plans. Even though we have some opportunities (at school) to speak English, I'm excited to have the opportunity to speak English for 24 hours straight." (Tsukima-san)

"I originally chose this high school because I would be able to study abroad, and I'm sad that I can't go because of Corona. So I thought it would be nice to be able to experience studying abroad in Japan at YOLO English Camp." (Honma-san)

"I'm excited to talk to my friends in English for 24 hours straight during the camp." (Watson-san)

In addition, YOLO JAPAN will support SDGs' Goal #4 of “Quality Education for Everyone” through this service.

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