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News / 2020.11.26

COVID-19 forecasts system, more reliable than ever, sees his launch in Japan

The new forecast function, perfected by Harvard and Keio university, supports decision makers with longer predictions and customizable scenarios

With the recent surge of Coronavirus in Japan, many Tokyo employees are not foreseeing a near end to their remote work lifestyle, and the government is seriously considering to put an halt to some economy boosting measures, like the “Go To Travel” campaign, considered by many as a catalyst to the rise of infections. It seems like the government finally understood to prioritize people’s safety and health, and is now looking out to take control of the situation.


This change of direction happens at once with the national launch of the Japanese version of the COVID-19 Public Forecasts, publicly released on November 17 and now available for everyone to access numbers related to the spread of infection, together with future forecasts. 

You can try the useful tool at the following link:

Firstly launched by Google when the Coronavirus was taking the form of a pandemic, the COVID-19 Public Forecasts is based on the concept of providing organizations with an early warning system to counter possible negative outcomes.  

The huge amount of information collected by Google and put into the system can predict not only expected infections and deaths, but also number of PCR tests, hospitalizations and ventilators needed. The system is updated everyday and is a strong tool in the fact that it offers a detailed understanding of future necessary measures. 

If you want to read more about functions improved by Havdard and Keio University, check the original article at the following link: 

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