Top Picks Feature

[Featured jobs with dormitories/company housing] Low rent is a big help! Convenient commuting★

[Featured jobs with bonuses] What will you buy with your bonus? Or will you save it?

[Featured English conversation teacher jobs] A great opportunity to use your English skills!

[Featured care worker jobs] Gain experience and put it to use throughout Japan or in your home country!

[Featured factory jobs] Great for those who are good at work that requires concentration ★

[Featured cleaning jobs] We tidy things up! Perfect for those who like to keep things clean and tidy!

[Nature Edition] Take in negative ions everyday!

[Featured resort jobs] The sea, the mountains, or a lake! A chance to work at a popular resort area in Japan!

"I can't speak Japanese well" edition! A kind workmate will help you, so please don't worry!

[Featured jobs with employee meals and cafetarias] Be careful not to gain weight from all the delicious food

[Restaurant edition] After your part-time job, spend some fun time with your workmates!

[Hotel edition] Choose any hotel from business hotels to 5-star hotels!

[A chance to work at a big company] You will be surprised at the interview! Secret big companies edition★

Featured writing/ editing / advertising positions for those who love to write!

Featured social media jobs for those who love social media ♡ Doesn't promotional marketer sound cool? ♡

Featured full-time positions in Aichi (Nagoya)! Work in the flourishing industrial city of Aichi, the third largest city in Japan!

《Kanagawa(Yokohama) x Full-time》 Feature! Work in the wonderful, easy-to-live in area of Kanagawa, with great access to Tokyo★

《Osaka x Full-time》 Feature! Work as a full-time employee in the second largest city in Japan★

《Tokyo x Full-time》 Feature! Work as a full-time employee in the big city★

Featured jobs with no experience necessary! Use your appeal and motivation to get hired! [Full-time]

[Featured jobs with savings systems] With a part of your income going into a savings account, you may be able to save up some money!?★

[Featured jobs that provide congratulatory gift money] A company that would like to congratulate you on your special events such as marriage or childbirth!

《Car Lovers》 Just for car lovers! Featured jobs in the automobile industry

Featured shop staff positions! If you can greet customer with a smile, you've met the first condition!

Multiple fields of work! Featured part-time jobs actively being recruited for★

Featured jobs with childcare support! An environment that makes it easy to work while raising a child!

Featured flex-time positions! Customize your work times to fit your lifestyle!

[Featured jobs with family allowances] Security for your future ♡ We support families with children!

[Featured jobs with rent support] Enjoy your hobbies or travel with the money you'll save!

Featured night shift positions! Make the most of your daytime hours! [Full-time]

《Shikoku / Chugoku area》 featured jobs

《Fukuoka / Kyushu area》 featured jobs

《Aichi / Chubu area》 featured jobs

《Osaka / Kansai area》 featured jobs

《Tokyo / Kanto area》 featured jobs

《Hokkaido/Tohoku area》 featured jobs

Featured jobs with flexible work times! Make the most of your mornings since these jobs start after 10am! [Full-time employee]

Featured jobs that end at 5pm! Enjoy your after-5 life! [Full-time employee]

[Featured jobs that can be done remotely] Work anywhere with just a computer! We welcome digital nomads!

[Featured jobs with flexible shifts] Jobs that suit your lifestyle, so you can work short weekday shifts or only on the weekends, etc.

[Driver's license required] feature! Let's get in the car and go to work!

Calling all game lovers! Featured game-related jobs!

[Featured clerical jobs] A wide range of positions from assistants to leader candidates

[Featured web designer jobs] Creative jobs that involve apps, games, video production, etc

Featured Portuguese language jobs! Put your language skills to work! [Full-time & part-time]

Featured Korean language jobs! Put your language skills to work! [Full-time & part-time]

Featured Vietnamese language jobs! Put your language skills to work! [Full-time & part-time]

Featured listings for Chinese speakers! Put your language skills to work! [Full-time & part-time]