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Payment:¥498,000 / 13 nights 14 days

20-45yrs old Foreign National Males for 13 nights 14 days Clinical Trial in Feb/Mar 2019 [Tokyo]

Survey ID:200

Application Period:2018.11.30 - 2019.03.01

Job Description

We are currently looking for male candidates for clinical trial in Tokyo.
If you pass a medical checkup, you will stay in a hospital for 13 nights 14 days for the clinical trial.

During the trial period, 3 meals a day will be served and you will spend your time in a comfortable facility. Please be aware that you are asked to stay in a hospital throughout the trial period - you will not be allowed to go out of the hospital.

Here are the details.

■Date (please select from ①-②):
A) First checkup: AM or PM for 1/24 (Thurs), 2/1 (Fri), PM for 2/5 (Tues)
B) Clinical trial period: 10:00AM 2/14 (Thurs) - 2/27 (Wed) *13 nights and 14 days
C) Follow-up checkup: 10:00AM 3/3 (Sun)
A) First checkup: PM for 2/21 (Thurs), AM or PM for 2/26 (Tues), 2/28 (Thurs), 3/4 (Mon)
B) Clinical trial period: 10:00AM, 3/12 (Tues) - 3/25 (Mon) *13 nights and 14 days
C) Follow-up checkup: 10:00AM 3/29 (Fri)
■Payment: ¥498,000
*If you don't pass the checkups screening, you will still receive 3,000yen.
**No tax deduction so you will need to claim the tax return by yourself.
***Transportation fare will NOT be covered.

The investigational product has been examined with Japanese in terms of it's safety, efficacy, optimal done, dosage regimen and other properties. The hospital provides with a safe environment so you can comfortably participate with the trial.


A: Foreign national male with healthy condition in between 20 and 45 years old.
B: Who does not have any chronic illness or disease.
C: Who does not have any food allergy and medication allergy.
D: Whose BMI (Body mass index) is between 18.7-29.9, and weight is more than 52kg.
※BMI = weight (kg) / height (m)2 If you do not know how to calculate, please give us your weight (kg) and height (cm).
E: Who has not been smoking and taking nicotine for the past 6 months before the date of clinical trial.
F: For those who have done any clinical trials in the past, the last medication intake must have been completed more than 90 days before the first checkup date.
G: Who is available to open his schedule for the entire period of clinical trail as well as the first and follow-up checkup.
H: Who has working holiday visa, spouse visa, permanent resident visa or long-term resident visa.

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥498,000
  • Number of Applicants : 30
  • Application Period : 2018/11/30〜2019/03/01
  • Survey conducting day: 2019/01/24, 2019/02/01, 2019/02/05, 2019/02/14, 2019/02/15, 2019/02/16, 2019/02/17, 2019/02/18, 2019/02/19, 2019/02/20, 2019/02/21, 2019/02/22, 2019/02/23, 2019/02/24, 2019/02/25, 2019/02/26, 2019/02/27, 2019/02/28, 2019/03/03, 2019/03/04, 2019/03/12, 2019/03/13, 2019/03/14, 2019/03/15, 2019/03/16, 2019/03/17, 2019/03/18, 2019/03/19, 2019/03/20, 2019/03/21, 2019/03/22, 2019/03/23, 2019/03/24, 2019/03/25, 2019/03/29
  • Selection Procedure : Screening after the application deadline
  • Location : Tokyo
  • Transportation : Train
  • Transportation Reimbursement : Included in the pay
Payment:¥498,000 / 13 nights 14 days
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