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Payment: JPY20,.000

Caucasian/S. American/African roots/Middle Eastern/S. Asian Wanted for Facial Recognition Application Survey in Ashiya, Hyogo

Survey ID:230

Application Period:2019.06.24 - 2019.07.15

Job Description

We are looking for candidates for a facial recognition system survey.
You will be asked to test the application by moving and showing various sides of your face. It's a very simple and popular job!!

Any nationality, age and gender is welcome except for Eastern Asian and East Asian countries this time. Kindly note that we will have a screening first to select participants.

*For male , we are looking for people with no beard or mustache.

Here are the details of the survey.

●Purpose of survey: New product development
●Date: One week day between 7/22 - 29. *Weekend is also included.
●Time: ①9:30~13:30 or ②14:30~18:30
*You will be assigned either time slot as per your availability.
●Survey Duration: 4 hours (rest is included).
●Location: Ashiya, Hyogo
●Payment: JPY20,.000
*The payment will be made on Thursday, August 15th through Seven Payment Cash Service.
 *Transportation fee will NOT be reimbursed

You will receive a screening questionnaire in a few days (please contact us if you do not receive after 5 days from your application). Your application will be completed by answering the questionnaire.


A: Who has a valid working visa.
B: Who does not have any problem to show a whole face and hair to any third parties for any reasons including religious restriction.
C: Who is able to communicate in English or Japanese fluently.
D: Who is Caucasian/S. American/African roots/Middle Eastern, or S. Asian, and whose age is between 20 and 79 years old.
※Kindly note that Eastern Asian and East Asian countries are excluded.
E: Who does not wear contact lenses or glasses (who shall have at least 0.7 - or 20/30 - for both eyes with a pair of glasses).
※You will be asked to take off your glasses during the survey.

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥20,000
  • Number of Applicants : 15
  • Application Period : 2019/06/24〜2019/07/15
  • Survey conducting day: 2019/07/22, 2019/07/23, 2019/07/24, 2019/07/25, 2019/07/26, 2019/07/29
  • Selection Procedure : Screening after the application deadline
  • Location : 芦屋
  • Transportation : 電車、バス
  • Transportation Reimbursement : Included in the pay
Payment: JPY20,.000
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