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【¥12,000 / Shop in the "Depa Chika" and write a review】Looking for food lovers! ★Kanto★


Qualifications 1) Male or female between the ages of 20 and 40 from Taiwan / Hong Kong / Europe / US / Southeast Asia / African roots or the Middle East
2) Someone who likes food and isn't a picky eater
3) Someone who can write a review in English (about 2 sheets of A4 paper)
4) Someone who lives in the Kanto area
5) Someone who can communicate in either Japanese or English
6) Someone with a valid visa with permission to work (Students with work permission are also eligible)
Compensation ¥12,000
Number of Applicants 6
Application Period 2019/08/13 - 2019/08/22
Survey conducting day 2019/08/29
Selection Procedure Screening after the application deadline
Location Tokyo
Transportation Public transportation
Transportation Reimbursement Included in the pay

Job Description

YOLO JAPAN is looking for people to go to the food section of the basement floor of a department store in Tokyo ("Depa Chika"), choose some food that you would like to try out, and write a simple review (about 2 sheets of A4 paper). Apply if you like food or are interested in Japanese souvenirs!

【Purpose of Survey】Market research, product development
【Survey Description】
①Go around the basement 1st and other basement floors and choose the following products. ※You will not have to purchase at your own expense.
■Souvenirs you want to bring back to your home country: 2 items
■Take out gourmet food items that you want to try: 2 items
②After choosing your items, write a review in English about the 3 following points
■Your impressions about the actual department store
■A review about "Souvenirs that you want to bring back to your home country."
■A review about your "Take out gourmet food items that you want to try."
【Date】August 29 (Thursday) ※10:00AM start (2-3 hours total)
【Submission Deadline】You must submit your review by September 1 (Sunday). ※Please be aware that if you do not submit your review on time, you may not be able to receive your payment.

-How to apply and proceed-
①Click the "Apply" button
②You will be transferred to the "Survey Monkey" survey page.
③Fill out the pre-questionnaire
※Those who meet the requirements and are chosen to participate will be contacted via email on or before August 22 (Thursday). (We will contact you as soon as possible).

Survey ID:235

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