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  • Apply in 3 minutes│SIM card

    Apply in 3 minutes

  • No minimum usage period│SIM card

    No minimum usage period

  • No cancellation fees│SIM card

    No cancellation fees

  • Multilingual customer support│SIM card

    customer support
    (English, Chinese, Vietnamese)

Wireless data communication
Wireless data communication│SIM card exclusively for non-Japanese
Phone number
Phone number│SIM card exclusively for non-Japanese
SIM card exclusively for non-Japanese│YOLO MOBILE

YOLO MOBILE SIM Card was voted No.1 SIM Card by foreign residents!

Japan marketing research organization survey summary FY 2019_Brand Name Image Survey

No.1 in popularity│SIM card
No.1 in popularity
No.1 in connection speed│SIM card
No.1 in connection speed
No.1 in user satisfaction│SIM card
No.1 in user satisfaction

Reasons to choose YOLO MOBILE [ SIM CARD ]

  • Docomo's mobile network│SIM card
    Use docomo's mobile network
  • Same-day delivery / Free shipping│SIM card
    Same-day delivery at the earliest/Free shipping
  • Keep your current Japanese phone number│SIM card
    You can keep your current Japanese phone number
SIM card exclusively for non-Japanese│SIM card used in Japan│SIM card

How to apply for a SIM card

  1. Apply at YOLO JAPAN│SIM card
    Apply at YOLO JAPAN
  2. Application form│SIM card
    Fill out the application form
  3. Payment│YOLO MOBILE
    Contract handling fee+The basic monthly fee is charged for the following month
  4. Start to use│SIM card used in Japan
    You can start to use it as soon as you receive it

SIM card price plans

Contract handling fee: 3,300 yen
*All prices include tax.
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Data transfer rate LTE best effort network Theoretical value, maximum download speed 1288Mbps maximum upload speed 131.3Mbps (128kbps when the threshold is exceeded).
Minimum usage period None
Cancellation fee Free
Call rates Domestic calls: 22 yen / 30 sec (Cannot make international calls)
SMS rates Domestic: 3 - 33 yen / call, International: 110 - 1,100 / call
Data recharge 880円 / 1GB, 2,200円 / 3GB, 3,300円 / 5GB
Necessary documents for application Residence card (address is written, expiration date is more than 30 days away)
Changing plans Changeable (applied the following month)

Choose a payment method

Pay directly at a Convenience Store

Credit card

Various pay cards


Do you ship overseas?
We do not provide overseas shipping services for individuals.
Can I use a global IP?
No, you cannot. You will only be able to use an assigned local IP.
Can I change my plan?
Yes, you can. Changes to your plan will be applied the following month. Please apply for a new plan from My Page. (Available only on weekdays)
a: When you apply for a new plan on the 1st to the 23rd→Your plan will be changed to a new one the following month.
b: When you apply for a new plan on the 24th to the end of the month→Your plan will be changed to a new one the month after the following month.
What's the rate for a call?
Normal domestic calls: 22 yen / 30 sec (Cannot make international calls)
About payments
Your invoice
Payment deadline
Pay directly at a Convenience Store
Credit card
Various pay cards
How many SIM cards can I buy under my own name?
You can apply for up to 2 SIM cards.
*When applying for 2 SIM cards, you must use 2 different email addresses.
Is it possible to add on to the recharge amount?
You can recharge at the following rates: 880 yen/1GB, 2,200 yen/3GB, 3,300/5GB
After I apply, how long does it take before the SIM card is shipped?
The SIM card can be shipped as soon as the day of application.
*If there is an error in the online application form, your SIM card will be shipped after receiving the correct information.

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