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Column / 2023.08.01

【Living in Japan】About Heat Stroke ー熱中症(ねっちゅうしょう)

Summer in Japan (June - August) is very hot and may cause heatstroke. In the summer, we often spend a lot of time outside, such as at the beach, do camping, and barbecuing. You have to take care of yourself to avoid heatstroke.



■ What is heat stroke?

It is a condition that occurs when a person stays in a hot place for a long time and does not drink enough water.

■ Summer temperature

Summer temperatures in Japan often exceed 30°C. In hot areas, there are days when the temperature exceeds 40°C. As shown below, in Japanese the name differs depending on the temperature.

・ 25°C ~: 夏日(なつ び)ーNatsu-bi

・ 30°C ~: 真夏日(まなつ び)ーManatsu-bi

・ 35°C ~: 猛暑日(もうしょ び)ーMousho-bi

■ What happens if you get heat stroke?

・ Danger Level 1: Dizziness

You feel dizzy and your head spins.

It is a sign of heat stroke.

・ Danger Level 2: Your face gets hot

Touch your face, and if it's hotter than usual, you may have a heat stroke.

・ Danger Level 2: Headache

You may feel fatigue and throw up.

・ Danger Level 3: Losing consciousness

You give no reaction when other people call you.

You feel dizzy and can't walk straight.

It's dangerous, so let's go to the hospital right away.


■ To avoid heat stroke

・ Drink water many times

Drink water many times no matter whether you are indoor or outdoor.

Please drink even if you are not thirsty.


・ Take some salt

We recommend to drink sports drinks, eat tablets with salt, umeboshi, etc.


・ Turn on the air conditioner

Turn on the air conditioner as much as possible when you are indoor.


・ Use some tools when you go outside

Let's use parasol, wear a hat and bring hand-held fan.

Also, take a rest in a cool place.

Heat stroke is very dangerous.

If you think you are not in the good condition, take a rest immediately.




Q : What do you call a day with a temperature of 35°C or more?

① 夏日(なつ び)ーNatsu-bi

② 猛暑日(もうしょ び)ーMousho-bi

③ 真夏日(まなつ び)ーManatsu-bi












  The answer is?★











② 猛暑日(もうしょ び)ーMousho-bi


Mousho-bi is a scorching hot day.

Let's take a good countermeasure to avoid heat stroke.


These words are difficult, but they always come up in the news when summer comes, so let's memorize it!

Studying Japanese will be useful even when you are sick.

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