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Column / 2023.09.26

【User who passed the JLPT】How did you pass N4?②

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a test to check your Japanese language level. In Japanese, it is called 日本語能力試験(にほんご のうりょく しけん).  In Japan, the tests are held twice a year, in July and December. This time, we will share an interview with Mr. H, who passed JLPT N4!

■ Please tell us your impressions after taking the test.
July 2022 Passed
Impression: It was not too difficult.

December 2022 Failed
Impression: I didn't study Kanji very much, therefore it was difficult for me. However, I could do 90% of the listening questions.

I plan to take it in December 2023.

■ How did you study to pass N4?
1. Study at school
I studied N4 at a Japanese language school.
*I found my current school in Go! Go! Nihon.
Classes at the school are divided by level, from N1 to N5.

I will be attending the N2 class.
I will do my best in the N2 class, which will be difficult because we will be studying a lot of Kanji characters.

*Go! Go! Nihon: a website introducing Japanese language schools

2. Review the Kanji characters you have studied.
I reviewed the kanji I studied at school by writing them down after work.
I wrote about 10 times every day and learned kanji characters.

3. Talking with Japanese
I talked a lot with my Japanese friends and studied conversation.
I think that helped me understand 90% of the N3 listening questions.

■ How much did you study to pass N4?
I studied for about 30 minutes every day.
I think it is important to keep at it, even if for a small amount of time.

■ What is the important thing to study Japanese?
The most important thing is to study a lot of kanji.
Kanji is completely different from French, so I study it the hardest.
I learn by seeing, writing, and checking kanji characters many times.

■ Are you glad you took the test?
I think the test should be taken.

I am looking for a full-time job because I want to continue to live in Japan.
But even if you speak a lot of Japanese during the interview, it is difficult to get hired if you are not N2.
This is because the company looks at your ability to read and write at the JLPT level.
If you want to work in Japan, you should pass N2.

■ Advice for those who are about to take the test!
It is important to continue studying, even if it is a little bit every day.
I don't think it is a good idea to study a lot a week or two before the test.
Please study hard, even if it is only for 30 minutes every day!

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