News / 2019.10.09

In cooperation with Kit Planning, we will offer 'YOLO MEDICAL', an online medical examination system that's supported in 17 languages ~Solving problems for foreigners who cannot describe their symtoms to their doctors in Japanese~

From September 28, we will work with Kit Planning to provide 'YOLO MEDICAL', a multilingual medical examination system that's supported in 17 languages. This service will be offered to those who are registered with YOLO JAPAN.

This multilingual medical examination system provides medical examinations for patients in their native language. The results are instantly converted into Japanese to provide support for foreign patients and those working with foreign patients. The contents of the medical examination are supervised by Doctor Yoshiya Ikuto, an honorary professor with Osaka University. The medical exam is highly accurate and can be applied to various situations such as in a medical setting, large-scale disasters, sudden illnesses, everyday life injuries and sicknesses, etc. This system may be used in sync with a smartphone/tablet. Results of past medical exams are accessible from My Page.

According to the latest questionnaire survey conducted by YOLO JAPAN (URL:, an issue raised by foreigners who visited hospitals in Japan was that there were no medical staff who could speak a foreign language, and they could not accurately convey their symptoms in Japanese. Through this partnership, YOLO JAPAN would like to solve the problems foreigners face in medical settings. Such problems include 'not being able to convey symptoms because of the Japanese language barrier', and 'not being able to fill out a medical questionnaire form, and thus being unable to convey symptoms.' they also faced problems at drugstores when dealing with pharmacists, buying medicine, etc.

1) As the contents of the medical exam are supervised by Doctor Yoshiya Ikuto, an honorary professor with Osaka University, appropriate medical treatment can be ascertained by easily getting the necessary information.
2) Supported in 17 languages (Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Thai, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, German, French, Chinese - Simplified/Traditional, Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Japanese, English, Malay)
3) If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use this service from anywhere

YOLO JAPAN will continue to work for a better society by providing necessary services for foreigners living in and visiting Japan.

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