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Column / 2024.04.23

👑Top 10 Popular Family Restaurants (For Non-Japanese Living in Japan)

YOLO JAPAN conducts surveys on its "Short-term Job / Survey" targeting foreign residents in Japan.
This time, let's take a look at the top 10 popular family restaurants based on the results of a survey "Which restaurant chain do you usually go?".
Respondents: 164 YOLO JAPAN members residing in Japan (from 48 countries, including the Philippines, United States, and France)

#1 Saizeriya
Saizeriya's headquarters is located in Saitama Prefecture. It is known for its affordable menu items, which are popular especially with young people. It has a large number of stores not only in Japan but also in China, Singapore, and other countries overseas.

▼User Reviews
New Zealand, 30s, Female
"Saizeriya is great because you can order a variety of food and drinks at a reasonable price!"

France, 30s, Male
"I frequently go to Saizeriya because it has a wide variety of children's menus at an affordable price."

It seems that the affordability and variety of menu items are the key points to its popularity, making it enjoyable for both adults and children.

#2 Gusto
Gusto offers both Western and Japanese menus, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavors. With large number of store located nationwide, makes Gusto one of the popular family restaurant chain in Japan.

COCO'S is an American-style restaurant. In addition to the main menu items such as hamburgers and steaks, it also offers a variety of other dishes such as pasta and rice bowls.

Below 4th place, we have Japanese and Chinese restaurants such as "Washoku Sato", "Yayoi Ken", and "Bamiyan". Washoku Sato is famous for its "Sato Shabu", an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu.

It seems that family restaurants that are affordable, have variety of menu, and have a large number of stores are popular among non-Japanese living in Japan. Family restaurants in Japan are not only affordable but also of high quality, which seems to be the reason why many people like them.

If you have experience working in a restaurant, be sure to highlight that in your resume and self-introduction video★
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