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Column / 2024.05.01

👑Top 10 Conveyor-belt Sushi Chain Restaurants For Non-Japanese Living in Japan

YOLO JAPAN conducts surveys on its "Short-term Job / Survey" targeting foreign residents in Japan.
This time, let's take a look at the top 10 popular conveyor-belt sushi chain restaurants based on the results of a survey "Which restaurant chain do you usually go?".
Respondents: 164 YOLO JAPAN members residing in Japan (from 48 countries, including the Philippines, United States, and France)

#1 Sushiro
Sushiro is headquartered in Osaka Prefecture and has the largest number of restaurants of any conveyor-belt sushi chain. There are stores all over Japan and more than 130 stores overseas. Since more and more people eat their meals at home these days, the company is focusing on delivery and take-out services.

#2 Hamasushi
Hamasushi is a newer chain that started in 2002, but now has over 500 stores nationwide. The "hama" in Hamasushi refers to "Yokohama" and "hamas" (beaches) throughout Japan. It seems to be incorporating new technologies such as using humanoid robots called "Pepper".

#3 Kurasushi
Kurasushi places great importance on "muten" (additive-free) food safety. It also has stores overseas, including in Taiwan and the United States. The "Bikkura Pon" game, where you can win a prize every 5 plates, is very popular among children.

Other sushi chains with a large number of stores, such as Kappasushi and Uobei, also ranked high. Sushizanmai and Sushichoshimaru are mainly located in the Kanto region and ranked in the top 10 despite having a smaller number of stores.

Many of the top 10 stores have locations nationwide. It seems that the ease of access due to the large number of stores is a point of popularity. It was also interesting to see that each store offered services that other stores did not.

If you have experience working in a restaurant, be sure to highlight that in your resume and self-introduction video★
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