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News / 2021.03.19

YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd. starts accepting pre-orders for post-payment enabled prepaid cards

YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Taisuke Kaji, Osaka Headquarters: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, "YOLO JAPAN" below), which operates Japan's largest media site with 170,000 foreign members from 226 countries, will start accepting pre-orders for the post-payment enabled prepaid card for foreign residents, "YOLO Card" ("YOLO Card" below), from Friday, March 19, 2021.

■Services Provided

YOLO JAPAN, which supports the life of foreign residents of Japan, has so far provided a job information site, a multilingual medical questionnaire service, the sales of SIM cards to foreign residents, and a Japanese language and business etiquette job training service. This time, YOLO JAPAN has decided to provide a new payment service to help solve problems with credit cards and cashless payments, which is another problem foreign residents face living in Japan.

YOLO Card (physical card)

■About YOLO Card
YOLO Card is a post-payment enabled prepaid card that foreign residents living in Japan can obtain just by registering at YOLO JAPAN (URL: https://www.yolo-japan.com/ja/) and applying. The card number will be immediately displayed in the app and can be used at Visa member stores nationwide.

■YOLO Card Features

・Issued immediately
All you have to do is register as a member of YOLO JAPAN and apply to get your post-payment enabled pre-paid card without any screening. There are two types of cards: the virtual card for online shopping, and the physical card that can be used at stores.
※Credit screening is required to use the post-payment function
※There is an additional application needed to receive a physical card

・Two payment options of pre-charge and post-payment charge
Pre-charges can be made easily from the app. Post-payment charges can be made from the app even if you don't have any money on hand, and payments can be made at a convenience store through the end of the following month.
How to charge: Through the machine at the convenience store
Available convenience stores: Family Mart, Lawson, MiniStop, Circle K Sunkus, Seico Mart

・A Japanese bank account is not necessary
Since you can charge through the app or at a convenience store, you do not need a Japanese bank account, and foreign residents who just moved to Japan are able to apply.

・Can be used at Visa member stores both domestically and internationally
This card is very convenient because it can be used at Visa member stores domestically, and can be used for internet shopping through Visa member stores internationally.

■Our thoughts

YOLO JAPAN hopes to realize its corporate goal of "creating a new Japan where Japanese and foreigners coexist" through this service by encouraging foreign residents to make purchases and help revitalize the Japanese economy.

YOLO Card will be available from end of April
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