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Promotion / 2024.06.06

【3 Pairs of Winners Every Month!】Friend Referral Promotion🙌

Introduce YOLO JAPAN to your friends, and you'll both get a 300 yen Amazon gift card.
Share YOLO JAPAN with all your friends!♡

《About the promotion》
How long?

(Thursday) June 6, 2024 ~ (Wednesday) September 25, 2024

What can I get?
Amazon gift card worth 300 yen
※Amazon gift cards can only be used on Amazon.co.jp

Who can get it?
During the promotion period, 3 pairs (6 winners) will be selected by lottery each month to win an Amazon gift card. To be eligible, you must have done either ① or ②.

 ① People who refer their friends using the "Refer a Friend" feature on My Page
 ※Your friend has completed the registration for YOLO JAPAN.
 ※Have registered residence card or ID (for identity verification).
 ※Living in Japan.

② People who registered for YOLO JAPAN using a referral link
 ※Have registered residence card or ID (for identity verification).
 ※Living in Japan.

More friends you refer, more chances you have to win!✨

When can I get it?
An email will be sent from 15th of every month.
※Winning emails will only be sent to winners.

Where do I refer friends from?
You can refer your friends from "Refer a Friend" on My Page.
Click here to see a QR code and a link. You can share either one with your friends.

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