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You have unfinished applications.
Change and Renewal of Status of Residence Brokage Service

Leave all the difficult applications to us.
Use your time in Japan more freely.

From the handling of paperwork for changing/renewing your status of residence to communicating with your employer, applying, and completing the whole process, YOLO JAPAN will introduce support for you to handle the complicated task of changing/renewing your status of residence.

※This service is provided as an intermediary service to our affiliated administrative scriveners.

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Success rate of having your status of residence approved
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Our regular fee for acting as an agent on your behalf for making applications is, for YOLO JAPAN members,
Up to 0% cheaper
Even if you don't understand Japanese, it's OK!
Leave all the difficult applications to us!
We will prepare all the necessary documents except for the acquisition of a certificate that can only be obtained by the person himself/herself. Communication is possible in Japanese, English and Vietnamese.
There is no need to go the the immigration office!
No need to worry about making multiple trips to the immigration office due to incomplete documents or prolonging the examination period due to insufficient explanation!
Rather than applying to an agency by yourself, we will provide a much better deal!
Up to 30% discount on residence status change and renewal agency services!

Even if you don't know the required application/procedure, you can still consult with us, so there is no need to worry.

Application for change of status of residence

[Student, Dependent→Specialist in Humanities, International Services, Engineer/Designated Activities]
[Highly Skilled Professional]
[Spousal visa, etc.]

Application for renewal of status of residence
Application for issuance of Certificate of Authorized Employment

[Those changing jobs withing the same visa]

Permanent Resident/Long-term resident

When do I need to renew or change my status of residence?
What happens if I don't renew or change it?

《Foreign residents staying in Japan can only stay within their fixed period of stay》
When renewing at the end of your period of stay
Renewing your period of stay
When the content of your work changes
Changing your status of residence

For example, if a person with a "Student" or "Dependent" status changes their status of residence and starts a new job, it will be considered "illegal employment" unless they change their status to one that allows them to work. Also, even if you have a work-eligible status, if you work in a job that is not appropriate for that status, it is considered as "Engaging in activities other than permitted under the status of residence"

If your situation changes, 'apply to change your status of residence' as soon as possible!

What to prepare before the pre-interview (sample for reference)

The applicant

■Survey form
■Photocopy of passport (photo page, page with immigration stamp when entering Japan, visa page)
■Residence card/alien registration card copy Double-sided
■Applicant's resume (listed with final academic background, work history)
■1 photograph for application (3cm×4cm) or photo data (JPEG file) *Taken within 3 months
■Tax payment/tax certificate of previous year (original copy) *Please obtain at your city hall.

We will collect the following at the time of application. We will contact you separately about the collection of these items.
Passport (original)※
Alien registration card or residence card (original)※
Application form, fee payment form (after creation via TTS, we will inform you.)

*Regarding the collection of passports and residence cards
1. We will keep the documents from the time of application until the permit is granted, and return them to you after the renewal procedure has been completed.

*Depending on your status and contract details, we may ask that you provide additional documentation.

From the company

■Survey form
■A copy of the total of the statutory records of employment income, etc. for the previous fiscal year
■Latest financial statements
■A letter/certificate that shows the work you are engaged in, such as a certificate of employment

Example of flow from request to completion of procedure

Please note, depending on the congestion at the immigration office, it may take more than one month to complete the screening process.
Please be advised, in order to make sure that the information is true, additional documents may be required.

Please inform us in advance if there is a possibility that you will leave Japan during the changeover from a student visa to a working visa.
Please note that you cannot leave Japan during the changeover from a short-term business visa to a working visa.

【Agency service for change/renewal of status of residence】is a visa support service by administrative scriveners provided by "Tsunaguwa International Legal Affairs & Administrative Scrivener Corporation."
※Tsunaguwa International Legal Affairs & Administrative Scrivener Corporation will respond directly to your request.

※This service is provided as an intermediary service to our affiliated administrative scriveners.

We provide courteous, friendly, and prompt support for all concerns regarding visa applications for foreigners, including applications for change of status of residence and renewal of period of stay. We also have interpreters for Vietnamese and Nepalese, who have many residents in Japan, so we can respond those who have difficulty communicating in Japanese. Our experienced staff with more than 10 years of experience will carefully respond to your needs, so please feel free to consult with us first.

Yuji Tomita (冨田 勇二)

Tsunaguwa International Legal Affairs & Administrative Scrivener Corporation
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
◆2005 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Law
◆2010 Graduated from Law School in 2010 (obtained Juris Doctorate)
◆2012 Opened Higashi Yodogawa Legal Service Office (currently Tsunaguwa International Legal Service Lawyer Corporation)
Registered as an immigration attorney
Started visa application support for foreigners, mainly Chinese, Vietnamese, and Nepalese
◆2014 Support for the establishment of a cooperative (supervising organization) for accepting foreign technical intern trainees, and appointment as an advisor
Involved in the establishment and management of about 10 supervising organizations in the Kansai region, Advisor, external auditor, post-entry legal protection lecturer, etc.
◆2016 Established Tsunaguwa International Co., Ltd. Appointed as Representative Director
(Interpretation/translation, fee-based job placement, support business for registration of foreign nationals with specified skills, etc.)
◆2018 Co-founded Minami-Osaka International Language School, a Japanese language school notified by the Ministry of Justice, appointed as Director
From countries such as Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar Started accepting about 150 international students. About 150 people are expected to enroll in October 2023.
◆2019 WORLD FAVOR OVERSEAS, a Japanese subsidiary of a sending organization in Nepal Established JAPAN Corporation and appointed as Representative Director.
◆2020 Established VTS JAPAN as a general incorporated association and became a director.
(International Vietnamese Language Proficiency Test Organization/Representative Director: Kenji Tomita, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University)
Up to now.