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Change and Renewal of Status of Residence Brokage Service

Leave all the difficult applications to us.
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From the handling of paperwork for changing/renewing your status of residence to communicating with your employer, applying, and completing the whole process, YOLO JAPAN will introduce support for you to handle the complicated task of changing/renewing your status of residence.

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Leave all the difficult applications to us!
Other than documents that can only be obtained by the applicant, we will prepare all necessary documents. Communication is handled in either Japanese or English.
There is no need to go the the immigration office!
There is no need to worry about having to go back and forth to the immigration office due to incomplete documents, or prolonged examination periods/being disapproved due to a lack of explanation!
Rather than applying to an agency by yourself, we will provide a much better deal!
Up to 30% discount on residence status change and renewal agency services!

Even if you don't know the required application/procedure, you can still consult with us, so there is no need to worry.

Application for change of status of residence

[Student, Dependent→Specialist in Humanities, International Services, Engineer/Designated Activities]
[Highly Skilled Professional]
[Spousal visa, etc.]

Application for renewal of status of residence
Application for issuance of Certificate of Authorized Employment

[Those changing jobs withing the same visa]

Permanent Resident/Long-term resident

When do I need to renew or change my status of residence?
What happens if I don't renew or change it?

《Foreign residents staying in Japan can only stay within their fixed period of stay》
When renewing at the end of your period of stay
Renewing your period of stay
When the content of your work changes
Changing your status of residence

For example, if a 'student' or 'dependent' decides to work, they will need to change their status to one that will allow them to do work. If they do not, then they will be considered to be 'illegal workers'. Also, even if you do have a status of residence that allows you to do work, if the contents of your current job does not match with your status of residence, you will be considered to be 'engaging in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence'.

If your situation changes, 'apply to change your status of residence' as soon as possible!

Things to prepare

The applicant

■Survey form
■Photocopy of passport (photo page, page with immigration stamp when entering Japan, visa page)
■Residence card/alien registration card copy Double-sided
■Applicant's resume (listed with final academic background, work history)
■1 photograph for application (3cm×4cm) or photo data (JPEG file) *Taken within 3 months
■Tax payment/tax certificate of previous year (original copy) *Please obtain at your city hall.

We will collect the following at the time of application. We will contact you separately about the collection of these items.
Passport (original)※
Alien registration card or residence card (original)※
Application form, fee payment form (after creation via TTS, we will inform you.)

*Regarding the collection of passports and residence cards
We can collect and keep your passport, etc. in the following ways. Please choose which of these two you would prefer.
1. We will keep them from the application date until permission is granted. After the renewal procedure has been completed, we will return your passport and residence card (mailed 1 time). They will be in our possession for about 2 weeks.
2. We will collect your passport once at the time of application, and we will return it to you once the application is completed. When permission to renew is granted, you will mail your passport and residence card to us. When the the renewal procedure is finished, we will return them to you (mailed 2 times)

*Depending on your status and contract details, we may ask that you provide additional documentation.

From the company

■Survey form
■A copy of the total of the statutory records of employment income, etc. for the previous fiscal year
■Certificate of employment

Example of flow from request to completion of procedure

Please note, depending on the congestion at the immigration office, it may take more than one month to complete the screening process.
Please be advised, in order to make sure that the information is true, additional documents may be required.

Please inform us in advance if there is a possibility that you will leave Japan during the changeover from a student visa to a working visa.
Please note that you cannot leave Japan during the changeover from a short-term business visa to a working visa.

change and renewal of status of residence agent service is a consignment service of TOPPAN TRAVEL SERVICE CORPORATION.
※This service is provided as an intermediary service to our affiliated administrative scriveners.

As comprehensive assistance for overseas human resources, we propose solutions to various problems in the globalization plans of companies, focusing on status of residence and working visa acquisition. In our support for overseas personnel, we explain the complicated immigration system in an easy-to-understand manner, and help you systematically apply for and obtain the most appropriate status based on your current situation. We provide support for more than 500 people a year, especially for new graduates, so we are able to provide support for students from abroad and those who have received job offers.

Contact person
風間 弘将(Hiromasa Kazama)

Overseas Human Resources Department
Director of Overseas Human Resources Support

In 2003, he joined TOPPAN TRAVEL, where he was involved in business travel management, consulting on overseas and domestic business travel, airline ticket sales, and other corporate sales activities mainly for major foreign and Japanese companies.In 2010, he established a new business, ""Overseas Human Resources Support"", for human resources personnel, providing business arrangements and consulting for overseas expansion and secondment, as well as visa consulting and advice on recruitment and acceptance system for employees from overseas, mainly for Japanese companies. To date, we have worked with about 200 companies, including electronics manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, and game manufacturers. We accept about 500 foreign nationals a year.