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Online pill prescriptions for busy women YOLO PILL ONLINE
Online pill prescriptions for busy women YOLO PILL ONLINE

A telemedicine service
offering birth control pills for foreign residents living in Japan.

A telemedicine service for female foreign residents, YOLO PILL ONLINE,
you can get the pill prescribed through a doctor’’s consultation online in just 5 minutes.

After your first consultation, order the pill with the click of a button.


How to get the birth control pills in Japan

Telemedicine Consultation For Birth Control Pill

Telemedicine Consultation For Birth Control Pill

You can do everything from having a telemedicine appointment with a doctor to getting a prescription for birth control pills all on your computer or smartphone.

①Rest assured that an English interpreter will be provided free of charge
②You will only be charged 4,950 yen (tax included) for everything.
③Rest assured that an English interpreter will be provided free of charge

*Not covered by health insurance as it is considered self-financed medical care.
Make an appointment
May we interest you in the "Regular Pill Plan?"

You can receive the pill without having a consultation. Since you won't be charged a consultation fee, it only costs 3,498 yen (tax included) per month. It's easy on your wallet and is easy to continue. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Attending physician: Reiki Ohinata

Affiliated clinic: Ohinata Clinic
〒020-0114 岩手県盛岡市高松2丁目9番地9号

Medical Background: Graduated from Nippon Medical School in 2001 Board Certified by the Japan Surgical Society, Board Certified by Japanese Society of Gastroenterology, Certified Gastointestinal Cancer Treatment Doctor, Certified Endoscopy Technician, Approved Clinical Supervisor, Occupational Physician



      • The birth control pills is a fixed combination drug of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. These pills have an ovulation suppressing effect and an endometrial growth suppressing effect. Not only are they useful for contraception, they can also improve symptoms such as menstrual pain, menorrhagia, irregular menstruation, PMS and acne.
      • The contraceptive rate when taken correctly and at regular intervals every day is about 99.7%.
      • The main benefits cited of the birth control pills other than contraception are:
        ① Reduction of menstrual pain
        ② Decrease in bleeding
        ③ Improvement of menstrual irregularities
        ④ Suppression of the progression of endometriosis
        ⑤ Decreased risk of uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer
        ⑥ Prevention of osteoperosis
        ⑦ Improvement of acne
        ⑧ Shortening of menstrual period
        ⑨ Improvement of premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual health issues)
      • Yes, it is possible.
        You can do this from the top page of YOLO PILL ONLINE.
        Please note, however, that you can only change your appointment once. You cannot change it a second time.
      • If you cancel your appointment, a system fee of 550 yen will be deducted as a cancellation fee.
      • You can make an appointment up to 20 minutes before the start of the consultation.
      • When it is your appointment time, you will be able to start your consultation without waiting, but just in case, we recommend that you enter the room 5 minutes before your appointment to ensure a smooth consultation.
      • You can also see a doctor by using a smartphone or tablet with internet access.
      • You will need a camera for the telemedicine. Please either prepare an external camera or use a smartphone/tablet.
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