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News / 2021.10.21

《Osaka City》Notice from Osaka City regarding lifestyle rules|Regional information for foreign residents

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Osaka City shares information daily in order to create a wonderful environment to live in. There are many foreign residents in Osaka City, so we are doing our best to make sure information reaches them by doing things such as adding machine-translated pages to our websites and making foreign language versions of certain materials. Therefore, Osaka City has an announcement and a request for foreign residents of Osaka.

■Fourth COVID vaccine shots are now being offered.

Eligibility: 5 months or more have passed since one's third vaccination. (1) 60 years of age or older (2) 18 years of age or older with underlying medical conditions, etc.

■The 3rd round of vaccinations has begun for people who are over 12 years old.

*Young people infected with COVID-19 may also suffer from severe illness and after effects that persist even after recovery. Please consider proactively getting vaccinated, as it will protect not only your own health but also the health of your family and colleagues.

About vaccination of new coronavirus

■Educational institutions or businesses can jointly apply for the issuance of vaccination vouchers for the students and workers from overseas they are sponsoring.

For educational institutions and businesses sponsoring students and workers from overseas

Please check this page for a lot of important information about living in Osaka City.

Guide to Living in Osaka

Garbage collection days are set for each area. Please be aware of the correct day for each type of garbage, and do not put out the garbage on any other days.

Details here ▼ Osaka City Garbage Collection Map

Garbage Separation App「さんあーる(Sa n a - ru)」

When you go somewhere by bicycle, please be sure to park in a bicycle parking lot. It is important for each and every bicycle user to be aware of the importance of good manners, so we ask for your cooperation.

Details here ▼

Illegally parked bicycle measures in Osaka City

*Important* Regarding traffic etiquette

If your bicycle has been removed

Those who are staying in Japan for longer than 3 months are required to join the National Health Insurance (payment of National Health Insurance Premiums). This is a requirement for living in Japan, so if you have not yet paid, please check the link below and sign up.

Details here ▼

Osaka City National Health Insurance information

(Available in Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese)

About website machine translations

You can change the language by pressing the "Language(言語)" button on the menu bar of the Osaka City website. Please make use of this feature.