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Column / 2023.04.11

《What made you embarrassed in Japan?》Everyone's answer④

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What made you embarrassed in Japan this time? Let's see the result !


A lot of embarrassing incident happened in the "hot spring" (Onsen)

This time, we will share the incidents of 3 people!

Naked in the pool

This is a story about when I went to a hot spring with my family.

I was about to enter the hot spring, so i was naked but it was actually a "pool".

I was surprised, the hot spring I went to had a "pool".

Before entering the pool, I just realized that it was not a hot spring, it was embarrassing.

My first "mixed bath"

This is the story of when I went to a hot spring trip. I went to the hot spring without doing any research.

However, it was a "mixed bath" where men and women bathed in the same place.

I didn't know it was a mixed bathing hot spring, It was embarrassing.

"Men's bath?" "Women's bath?"

This is the story of the first time I went to a hot spring.

I was about to enter the hot spring, but when I took off my clothes I was surprised!

I accidentally entered "Men's bath" because i can't read hiragana.

I was so embarrased.

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