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Column / 2023.04.18

《Advice given by non-Japanese seniors》Everyone's answer①

YOLO JAPAN will publish simple surveys every week!

Let's take a look at the result of "Advice given by non-Japanese seniors"!




1st place :Let's study Japanese culture and manners

2nd place:Let's study Japanese

3rd place :Let's talk to a lot to people around us

We have received many advice like this.

Here are some advice from seniors.

「Please, learn about Japanese culture and manners, as it may really help you enjoy your stay even more.」


「There are always many rules, so best to ask beforehand about everything you are not sure about.」


「Don't give up.」


It's hard to learn Japanese and Japanese rules, but please don't give up and do your best.

YOLO JAPAN is also rooting for you!

We will continue to post surveys twice a week, please check them out!

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