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Column / 2023.04.25

《Advice given by non-Japanese seniors》Everyone's answer②

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Let's take a look at the result of "Advice given by non-Japanese seniors."


Results of responses

「Even if you can't speak Japanese, be open and friendly.」


("Let's talk a lot, even in simple Japanese. Japanese people will try to understand you.")


"Even if your culture is different from Japanese, we are all of the same mind."

「First many Japanese would like to meet you but they are afraid that you might not understand them or that they may be bothering you.   Smiling a lot helped me. 」


"Try telling them you want to learn Japanese."


"I get along better with Japanese than with English."


"Using a translation app makes it easier to communicate."

「大事なことばは3つ:『ありがとうございます』『お願いします』『すみませんでした』」"Three important words: ""Arigatougozaimasu,"" ""Onegaishimasu,"" and ""Sumimasendesita""."

It seems that it was difficult for the seniors to make friends.

First, try smiling and talking to the Japanese people around you!

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