News / 2019.07.19

【Questionnaire Results】Sharing results about difficulties for foreigners when renting an apartment in Japan!

One of the difficulties foreigners face when living in Japan is renting an apartment. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of difficulties when trying to rent a place to live. YOLO JAPAN has asked foreigners living in Japan about "what difficulties they have face when renting an apartment in Japan."

Of the 487 people that answered "I have rented an apartment before," 200 people/41% answered that they were turned down "because of being a foreigner."
The ranking for difficulties when searching for an apartment is as follows:

1st place: The paperwork is complicated (233 people, 48%)
2nd place: The fees are expensive (221 people, 45%)
3rd place: I don't speak Japanese/Other languages besides Japanese aren't understood (173 people, 36%)

Even if foreigners can speak Japanese at a daily conversational level, support is still needed when difficult Japanese is needed for things like contracts.

At YOLO JAPAN, we provide more opportunities for foreigners living in Japan and strive to make a better life for both Japanese people and foreigners.

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