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Column / 2023.05.08

【User Feedback】Good things about using Japany

Do you know that YOLO JAPAN users can use the online learning tool Japany for free for a limited time? This is a very popular service that allows you to study according to your Japanese level, from N5 (beginner level) to N1 (business level.)

This time, we would like to share an interview with Mr. D, a Japany user!





■ Why did you decide to come to Japan?

Because I wanted to know the difference between America and other countries.

I have always wanted to live in Japan and study Japanese, that's why I chose Japan.


■ Why did you become interested in Japan?

Because there is an image of a safe and free country.

I thought there would be no problems with police violence or racism.


■ Since when have you been studying Japanese?

Seven years ago, I studied at a Japanese language school for two years at a beginner level.


■ How did you study?

I studied grammar and basics at school.

I tried to talk to a lot of people outside of school.

I wanted to order at the store and study the words that are often used, so I practiced speaking a lot.


■ Now, how many hours a week do you study Japanese?

1 hour every day.

I take online Japanese classes on Mondays, and study at Japany the rest of the time.


■ At Japany, what level are you studying?

I am studying N5 level while reviewing.


■ What are the good features of Japany?

・It is written entirely in Japanese.

 └The videos are also in Japanese, so I can concentrate on my Japanese.

・I can check my Japanese level.

 └I can check my level as many times as I like, so I can see my progress.

・The teacher's explanation is easy to understand.

 └They explain in easy Japanese so It's very easy to understand.


■ What made you happy using Japany?

At first I didn't understand the questions in Japanese, but now I understand them.

I'm also happy that I'm able to understand how to use particles and verbs.


■ Did you use what you learned at Japany in your daily life?

I used「…たり、…たり」that I recently studied at Japany.

I remembered that I studied it at school but didn't really use it.

I am reviewing every day and studying other words so that I can use them in my daily life!


■ What do you want to do when your Japanese improves?

I want to express my feelings in my own words.

I want to talk about many things, but now I can't talk much, so there are times when I feel frustrated.

I will continue to do my best so that I can convey everything I am thinking!





Mr. D uses Japany every day to learn new things, and it seems that he is mastering it by reviewing. He is very pleased to be able to use what he learned at Japany in his daily life. YOLO JAPAN always give support so that one day he can express his feelings in Japanese.

Would you like to study Japanese at Japany like Mr. D?

You can use it for free until the end of February 2024, so please apply from the page below.


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