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Column / 2019.09.11

【Questionnaire Results】Survey regarding awareness toward disaster preparedness

YOLO JAPAN conducted a survey regarding disaster preparedness, the survey was targeted towards foreigners living in Japan.
※Survey period: July 12, 2019~August 29, 2019 Number of respondents: 422 people from 60 countries

The results showed that 96% of the respondents (404 people) had a positive attitude towards participating in evacuation drills as a way to prepare for natural and man-made disasters.

Additionally, over 90% of the respondents had actually experienced a disaster while living in Japan, and 80% answered that they were able to understand information about a disaster accurately. However, upon closer examination, even though there were many who answered that they were able to understand information about the disaster and warnings, on the other hand, less than 20% answered that they were able to understand detailed information such as the situation of shelters and utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.).

Furthermore, these were the methods used for gathering information about a disaster:

"News on the TV or radio" (44%,177 people)
"Information exchange sites such as SNS" (43%, 172 people)
"Websites such as the Japan Meteorological Agency" (43%, 170 people)
"Exchanging information with a friend or family member" (35%, 140 people)

Therefore, in the future, regarding information about preparing for a disaster that's more easier to understand, many people expressed that they hoped these methods of information transmission will be used:
"Sharing disaster prevention information on social media or the news" (70%, 277 people)
"Using information and pictograms together" (53%, 210 people)

Based on these results, YOLO JAPAN will continue to expand its services in order to provide better support for foreigners living in Japan.