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Column / 2019.09.30

YOLO JAPAN's survey about Japanese taxes for foreigners living in Japan

A survey was conducted about the upcoming consumption tax raise on October 1, 2019.
※Survey period: August 13, 2019 - September 13, 2019 Answers: 458 people from 66 countries

◆A gap in awareness of the consumption tax increase and the reduced tax rate
 Of the people who answered the survey, 84% (387 people) answered that they were aware of the consumption tax increase in October. About half of those people (49%, 190 people) answered that they learned about the consumption tax increase through social media after coming to Japan. On the other hand, only 56% (215 people) answered that they knew that a reduced tax rate would be implemented. As for those who answered that they want to make a purchase before the consumption tax increase, the ranking of what they want to purchase is as follows: 1st place: PC/smartphone (23%, 43 people) 2nd place: Daily goods (9%, 18 people) 3rd place: appliances (9%, 17 people). Additionally, we can see the gap in understanding through the fact that even though food items will be subject to the reduced tax rate, a number of people (7%, 14 people) answered that they would like to purchase food items before the consumption tax increase.

◆About half of responses concerning sharing information about taxes vary depending on location
 The number of people who answered "Yes" and "In certain areas, I think so" in response to whether or not they thought there was enough information being shared about taxes was 238 people, for a total of 52% of people thinking there was enough information avaiable about taxes.
Also, about the same number of people, 236 people, answered "I know how the tax system works." At that time, their tax information source language was Japanese (45%, 105 people), English (34%, 79 people), and their native language (21%, 50 people). Over 30% of these people were Brazilians living in Aichi Prefecture.

◆Over 30% approved of the tax increase, to improve Japanese society
 Of the people that answered that they knew about the reduced tax rate, 33% (72 people) agreed with the tax increase. Many people were interested in Japanese politics and agreed with the tax increase if it helped improved public services and infrastructure. Some opinions were as follows: "It's necessary for improving social welfare in Japan" (Philippines, 20s, female), "The budget is needed to host the Olympics" (Australia, 20s, female), "My home country is more expensive. I agree with the increase if it helps combat the declining birthrate and aging population" (United Kingdom, 30s, male), "I heard that childhood education and childcare will be free" (Italy, 30s, female).

◆Foreigners want to learn more about the Japanese tax system
 In total, 87% of people answered that they would like to learn more about the Japanese tax system, and 67% of them answered that they would like to learn via the internet.
In order to provide better support for foreigners living in Japan, YOLO JAPAN will continue to expand its services while referring to the opinions of its users through surveys.

【FYI】Information regarding the comsumption tax increase and reduced tax rate (Source: National Tax Agency):
【URL:Download PDF】
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