Column / 2019.10.29

YOLO JAPAN's questionnaire revealed that foreigners' number one spot to view autumn leaves is Hakone

Even if there is no culture surrounding autumn leaves in their country, 99% of foreign nationals answered that they would like to make a trip to see them this year.

According to a recent questionnaire conducted by YOLO JAPAN, operator of Japan's largest media outlet for foreigners in Japan, the spot that foreigners living in Japan most want to visit to view autumn leaves is Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture.
※ Questionnaire period: September 2, 2019 - September 31, 2019
Number of valid responses: 551 people from 70 different countries

The next most popular spots were Nikko (Tochigi Prefecture), Miyajima (Hiroshima Prefecture), and Kinkakuji (Kyoto Prefecture), which are popular destinations among Japanese people as well. Many people expressed a desire to visit nearby spots, or spots they could visit on a day trip, so the top three autumn leaf viewing destinations are all near big cities. 

Top 10 most popular spots to view autumn leaves in Japan

1. Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture (192 votes)

"I heard that this place has the most beautiful scenery in Japan. Besides autumn leaves, Hakone has temples, parks, lakes, and is full of nature, so I really want to go. I love that Japan has a culture of enjoying and appreciating nature." (Namibia, female, 20s)
"No spot has more vivid fall leaves than Hakone!" (Philippines, female, 20s)

2. Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture (191 votes)

"It's surrounded by forest and there are a lot of trees, so the fall leaves are especially beautiful! I'm interested in Nikko because it has Lake Chuzenji, Yumoto hot spring, and lots of other places to enjoy. My country has fall leaves too, but Japan is interesting because the color of the leaves is totally different depending on the area and climate." (Nepal, male, 20s)