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Column / 2020.06.30

YOLO JAPAN's decision after being affected by the novel coronavirus

New business developments in order to continue supporting foreigners living in Japan

YOLO JAPAN operates recruitment media with over 160,000 foreign residents from 226 countries as registered users. In response to the new "with corona" era, YOLO JAPAN has launched 3 new services (a delivery service, sterilization service, and business room service). We interviewed YOLO JAPAN's CEO, Tasuke Kaji, behind the scenes.

▼YOLO JAPAN CEO Taisuke Kaji

Born in Osaka Prefecture, after establishing an English conversation school in 2004, operating a tutoring business and an online English conversation business in Tokyo and Osaka, and utilizing 14 years of know-how in employment of foreigners, he launched YOLO JAPAN in 2016.  Lectured at universities such as the University of Tokyo Law School and coverage and publications on Diamond Online.

■Finding changes in the economy due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus and the new demands that will arise

In the recruiting service we have been providing, the number of foreign applicants has increased, but we aren't able to post enough job listings to keep up with the number of applicants. My heart is heavy when there are so many foreigners that want to work, but I can't provide them with a place to work. In the midst of this, the coronavirus continued to spread, a State of Emergency was declared, the Japanese economy was hit hard, and the number of companies posting job listings on YOLO JAPAN dropped dramatically. Therefore, I thought that I needed to adapt to this change and create a new place where foreigners could work.