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¥1,000 / Hour ~ *depends on work location
Part-time worker

Hiring Servers and Kitchen Staff at Take-out Sushi Shops ♪URGENT in Hohan-cho♪

service Job ID:308

Application Period:2017.01.06 - 2017.06.30

Pick up information

We mainly manage specialty take-out Sushi shops in department stores and supermarkets . Also we are expanding various styles of Sushi shops like "Conveyor-belt Sushi ", "Stand-only Sushi" and "Edomae authentic Sushi".

Business of the Company

Producing and selling Sushi

Job description

Basically you will make and sell Sushi.
Cash register and cleaning operations will be added at conveyor-belt Sushi shops.

There are instructions and training will be provided. (Inexperienced welcome to apply!)


◇Educational history not required
◇Students, part-time workers, foreigners / international students, everyone is welcome to apply!
◇Person who can work long term and can work Saturdays and Sundays are welcome!
◇No experience necessary☆
◇Must have daily communication level Japanese (Negotiable)
◇Cheerful personality, Sushi lovers wanted!!

Job details

  • Work Place : ※URGENT in Hohan-cho※

    Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama




  • Working Hours : Shift system

    *Please do not hesitate to negotiate hours and day of the week with us.
  • Salary : ¥1,000 / Hour ~
    *depends on work location
    *You can get a pay raise depending your motivation and skills!
  • Holidays : Shift system
  • Benefits : ◆Free meal available
    ◆Transportation expenses covered
    ◆Step-Up system Part-time worker can have a chance to become a store manager
    ◆Pay raise
    ◆Training System( 33h ) *Hourly wage changes during the training term
  • Type of Employment : Part-time worker
¥1,000 / Hour ~ *depends on work location
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