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¥2.8 M ~ ¥3.2 M / Year
Full-time employee

Chinese, Japanese, English Sales staff for luxurious Japanese "bottling tea"

manufacturing Job ID:365

Application Period:2017.04.13 - 2018.06.30

Job features

We are the company that branded luxurious Japanese tea with the goal of improving services to those who can not drink alcohol.
Our product is served in restaurants, hotels and first-class of airplanes.
Looking forward, we would like to focus on advancing our business into Singapore and Hong Kong .

About the company

Development and manufacturing of tea drinks

Job description

Manufacturer sales management of tea drinks with our proprietary recipe using high grade tea leaves.
You will be in charge for Japan (mainly Tokyo), Hong Kong, Singapore.
The majority of customers will be high class hotels and restaurants.


【MUST language level】
Japanese Level:Business level
English: Business level
Chinese: Native level (Cantonese welcome)

【VISA condition】
Visa support available

Not required

Those who understood Japan 's business customs and living in Japan over 3 years

Other details

  • Work Place : Factory: Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture
    ※ The first 3 months will be training at the factory
    Office: Tokyo
  • Working Hours : 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
  • Salary : Annual income: ¥2.8 M - ¥3.2 M
    (200,000 yen to 230,000 yen per month)
    Bonus: twice a year
  • Holidays : Saturdays and Sundays
    ※ You may work holidays depending on the company calendar
    New Year's Holiday
    paid holidays
  • Benefits : Commuting transportation expenses (maximum amount of 20,000 yen / month)
    Social insurance
  • Type of Employment : Full-time employee
¥2.8 M ~ ¥3.2 M / Year
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