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¥4 M ~ ¥6.5 M / Year
Full-time employee

We are looking for a front engineer

IT / high-technology Job ID:426

Application Period:2017.08.18 - 2018.06.30

Job features

With a base of search engine technology, we are a small group that is making the internet more convenient. Our non-traditional, independent thinking and cutting edge technology allows us to expand from Japan across the world. With our various service development, we are revolutionizing the overall way the internet is viewed.

We are developing not only in Japan but globally, with a focus on Asia.
We are a global company that enrolls many foreign employees.

[Work Benefits]
· With the development of a new in-house service, in order to renew the back end · development environment etc, You can work with new technologies.
· Because we are developing an in-house service, you can reflect your own ideas in the service and system.

About the company

Providing web services based on search technology

Job description

In the case of large corportations, You will customize a company package for our clients.
There are also cases where customers negotiate such as negotiating with the sales department.

· Development of various services for the company
· Creation of web pages including dynamic processing according to Ajax and UI events by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

[Developing environment]
· Language
JavaScript, CSS, Java, Ruby, Python, etc.
· Middleware · Infrastructure
MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Solr, Elasticsearch, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 / ECS, AWS La mbda, etc.
· DevOps
GitHub, Docker, Webpack, Kibana, etc.
· Business tools
Slack, Google Suite, Asana, O ffi ce 365 etc


【Language Requirements】
Japanese: Business level
* For communication with Japanese clients

【VISA Requirements】
Must have work permissible VISA

【Required Experience】
· Browser related technology in general
· Coding with HTML 5 & CSS 3
· Knowledge of jQuery, Ajax, Responsive Design

【Prefered Experience】
· Sass (SCSS), CSS Animation (transition), working experience on Web page creation for mobile · touch devices
· Experience working on general server-side programs such as PHP and Java
· Work experience in creating web pages including dynamic processing according to Ajax and UI events by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
· Business experience of advanced design creation using HTML 5, CSS 3, Responsive UI etc

Other details

  • Work Place : Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Working Hours : Flextime system (core time 10: 00-15: 00)
    Includes overtime hours equivalent to 25 hours
  • Salary : Annual income: ¥4 M ~ ¥6.5 M
  • Holidays : Complete weekly holiday system (Sunday, Sunday)
    Summer vacation
    New Year holiday
    special holiday
    Annual paid leave
    Maternity and childbirth vacation
    Childcare leave
    Congratuation holiday etc.
  • Benefits : · Casual clothing allowed
    · Laptop PC · Peripheral equipment salary
    · Free drinks · Free confectionery corner available
    · Various social insurance (health insurance, employment insurance, welfare pension, worker's accident insurance)
    · Transportation expenses fully paid (up to 100,000 yen)
    · Regular medical examination
  • Type of Employment : Full-time employee
¥4 M ~ ¥6.5 M / Year
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