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Annual income: ¥5M -
Full-time employee

Business manager of live video distribution service

IT / high-technology Job ID:432

Application Period:2017.09.07 - 2018.12.31

Job features

In order to constantly have new challenges, this time we are actively hiring business managers of live video distribution service, which is a focused business!

About the company

· Smart phone advertising business
· Smart phone solution business
· Software business

Job description

You will be in charge of the following business for our phone application (live video distribution service).
· Planning, implementation and management of strategies to drive business
· Project management work
· Improvement planning and execution etc. of existing services based on numerical analysis


【Required Language】
Japanese: Business level (JLPT N2 ~)

【VISA Requirements】
Must live in Japan and have a work permissible visa

【Required Experience】
· 1 year or more of experience in the operation of in-house applications and Web services
· Over 3 years of experience in in-house applications and web services
· Over 3 years experience of monetizing their own applications and web services
· At least 3 years experience of successfully expanding users of in-house applications and Web services

【Welcome condition】
Ability to deal with one of the following two languages
English: Business level
Chinese: Business level

Other details

  • Work Place : Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Working Hours : Full flex time system (no core time)
    Standard working hours / 8 hours (60 minutes break)
  • Salary : Annual income: ¥5M -
    ※ May be negotiated based on experience / skill
    ◆ salary revision / once a year
    ◆ Settlement bonus / once a year
  • Holidays : 【122 yearly holiday】
    Full weekly two day off system (Saturday, Sunday)
    public holiday
    paid holidays
    New Year's Holiday (12/28 ~ 1/3)
    Congratulations on vacation
    Birthday vacation
    Refresh leave (from the second year on)
    Maternity, childbirth, childcare leave (with acquiring experience)
  • Benefits : Transportation expenses (maximum 25,000 yen)
    There is an incentive system
    Various insurance products
    Various Social Insurance Outcomes (Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association)
    Various events (Hanami · BBQ · Lunch meeting etc)
    Stock option system
    Various Education and Training System
    Self-study support system (10 ~ 300,000 yen per year)
  • Type of Employment : Full-time employee
Annual income: ¥5M -
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