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Annual income: ¥3.5M~ ¥6.5M
Full-time employee

Recruiting multiple open system engineers! !

IT / high-technology Job ID:444

Application Period:2017.09.18 - 2018.06.30

Job features

We specialize in the five technical areas of machinery, electricity and electronics, control software, semiconductor and plant, with the major manufacturers in a wide range of fields including automobile, mobile communications, digital home appliances, heavy industry etc. We are a manufacturer company consisting of about 800 companies engaged in business design development in each business domain as a central business.

About the company

Design and research and development of machinery, electric / electronic, software, semiconductor, chemistry etc with large listed companies

Job description

Open system development work * Definition, you can challenge the basic design

【In particular】
You will steadily take charge using your skills and experience.
New projects start every day, and there is work in a wide range of stages.
Since there are projects from upstream stages such as consulting and defining requirements,
It is also possible to aim for the upstream work.
We also have the opportunity to develop for popular smartphone applications.


【Language Requirements】
Japanese: Business level

【VISA Requirements】
Must have a work permissible visa

【Experience Requirements】
Language PHP, Java, Perl, C # .net,,, C, C ++
OS Windows
DB Oracle 10g or later, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.

* Persons with experience such as in requirements definition and basic design will be given preferential treatment.
※ PM · PL experienced people will be given preferential treatment.

Age Unquestioned

Other details

  • Work Place : Work place, project destinations across the country
    * Housing subsidy system, assistance for moving expenses etc., full support system ︕
    (Hokkaido / Tohoku / Kanto / Koshinetsu / Tokai / Hokuriku / Kinki / China / Kyushu)
    * Affiliation will be with one of 35 bases and 7 development centers. We will consider your preference.
  • Working Hours : 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
  • Salary : Annual income: ¥3.5M~ ¥6.5M
    Salary revision: once a year
    Bonuses: twice a year
  • Holidays : · Week holiday 2-day system (week with holiday is on Sunday)
    · New Year's Holiday
    · Paid
    A funeral
  • Benefits : · Full insurance
    · Commute allowance (maximum 30,000 yen)
    · Overtime work allowance (full payment)
    · Retirement system (over 3 years working)
    · Job allowance (according to company regulations)
  • Type of Employment : Full-time employee
Annual income: ¥3.5M~ ¥6.5M
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