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Part-time employee

Don't worry about interviews! Let's take a Japanese Level Check for your successful interview!

Others Job ID:662

Application Period:2018.04.18 - 2018.12.31

Job features

YOLO JAPAN will support you in finding a part-time job.

If you take the Japanese Level Check....
★We will find a suitable job which matches your Japanese level.
★You can practice your interviews with us.
★No need to make a resume. YOLO staff will prepare your resume.

About the company

Recruitment specializing of foreigners
Managing English learning schools

Job description

A YOLO JAPAN adviser will check your Japanese level.
After the level check, the YOLO JAPAN adviser will see and inform you about part time jobs which will suit you.

Time:20 minutes ~ 30 minutes / one meeting
Method:Video call(LINE or Skype)
※Every 6 months, we will conduct a level check again to update your current situation.

【The contents of Japanese level check】
- Checking your current situation(Profile, Educational background and Work experiences etc)
- Checking your Japanese level(Listening, Speaking and Reading)


【Required Language level】
Japanese:NOT required

ANYONE who lives in Japan with valid working visa

Other details

  • Work Place : JAPAN:Osaka and Tokyo
    ※We are planning to expand the area.
  • Working Hours : Available time range for Japanese level check is as follows...
    Mondays-Fridays : 11:00 to 19:00
  • Salary : ※NO PAY
  • Holidays : Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
  • Benefits : No benefits available
  • Type of Employment : Part-time employee