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Payment:¥8,000 / each time

Love trying out new products?? Looking for Chinese marketing researchers!!

Survey ID:144

Application Period:2018.04.06 - 2018.05.18

Job Description

4,000yen referral fee!! Do you know any Chinese friends in Shanghai or Hangzhou?

Currently we are looking for Chinese candidates who can help us with researching brand new products in China.
Do you love trying out new products?

This is a marketing research job of new home appliances and IoT products in China.
You will visit stores, check internet and make a simple report occasionally.

This time we increase our referral fee so please introduce your friends!
Students are welcome so please feel free to apply.

Here is the detail of the job

-Purpose of this research: Product marketing
-Contents: Marketing research(Stores/Internet)
-Frequency: About once a month
-Payment: 8,000 JPY each time
( We have to take out 10.21% withholding tax and bank transferring fee from the total amount of your payment.)



Who meets all those requirements
A: A Chinese who lives in Shanghai or Hangzhou.
B: Who loves checking new products such as home appliances and IoT products.
C: Who is able to write a report with easy Japanese.

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥8,000
  • Number of Applicants : 5
  • Application Period : 2018/04/06〜2018/05/18
  • Survey conducting day: 2018/05/15, 2018/05/16, 2018/05/17, 2018/05/18
  • Selection Procedure : Screening after the application deadline
  • Location : China(Shanghai or Hangzhou)
  • Transportation : N/A
  • Transportation Reimbursement : Included in the pay
Payment:¥8,000 / each time
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