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JPY64,000/8 posts

Instagrammer wanted! Anyone who wants to share your favorites??

Survey ID:234

Application Period:2019.07.08 - 2019.07.26

Job Description

We are looking for Instagrammers who can share their recommendations at one famous store in Tokyo.

You will visit the store twice a month averagely and pick up your recommendations of the season and prepare 8 posts a month for the client's Instagram page.

Here is the detail.

●Purpose: Marketing, PR
●Contents: Select your recommendations and prepare the posts
●Date: From August, 2019
●Location: Tokyo
●Payment: 64,000 JPY / 8 posts ( 8,000 JPY per post)
*We may also offer you this job after August depends on your performance.
●Date of payment: The 15th of the month

【Application Process】
1) Click "Apply"
2) You will be directed to survey tool called "Survey Monkey" for our online survey
3) Answer the questionnaire
*We will contact those people who are selected as candidates by COB Monday, July 22nd (at latest - we will try to make it sooner as possible).


A: Who is a native English speaker female in her 20 to 40's.
B: Who is able to communicate in Japanese conversationally.
C: Who frequently or regularly post information on her Instagram.
D: Who lives in Kanto region and is able to visit the store in Tokyo at least twice a month for preparation.
E: Who has a valid working visa

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥64,000
  • Number of Applicants : 1
  • Application Period : 2019/07/08〜2019/07/26
  • Selection Procedure : Screening after the application deadline
  • Location : Tokyo
  • Transportation : Trains
  • Transportation Reimbursement : Included in the pay
JPY64,000/8 posts
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