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《Abeno Ward》Submissions of homemade videos are now being accepted for the 48th Abeno Carnival!|Event information for foreign residents

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The annual event! Abeno Carnival in Abeno Ward, Osaka City will be held yet again this year! This year's event will be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a lot of fun stuff have been planned, so please join us!

Event details

This is an event that aims to deepen the interaction among residents living in the same area through the submission and viewing of videos taken by Abeno Ward residents. This is an event where all those who filmed videos and all those who watched the videos play a leading role!

Abeno Carnival Official Website


In Abeno Ward, we aim to create a community where residents support and respect each other. The Abeno Carnival is an event that aims to create a community where all people, regardless of age, gender, or nationality, can gather, interact, and carry on a rich local culture.

About video submissions

We are accepting video submissions created by the residents of Abeno Ward!

Any genre is welcome, including comedy, guitar performance, singing groups, magic, as well as other special hobbies and talents. The submitted videos will be shown in the Abeno Carnival starting on October 10.

Please read the points of note carefully before submitting your video. ① Points of note - In some cases, the use of audio such as CDs may not be possible due to copyright restrictions. - Please obtain the permission of all people (including children) appearing in the video before submitting it. - If the content of the submitted video is not in line with the objective of this event, we may not show the video. *If you would like to submit a video but are unable to take a video, please contact the office listed below by phone or email.

② How to apply Please send the video file by email to the office listed below, or send a USB drive or SD card with the video file on it by post.

③ Deadline for submissions Tuesday, August 31 (If you are mailing in your submission, please make sure it arrives to the office by August 31. Please note that all postage fees are to be paid by the person submitting the video.)

④ Where to submit your video Address 4-18-4-604 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka City To: Abeno Carnival Executive Committee, Abeno Ward Branch Council, Osaka City Community Association

⑤ Inquiries Telephone:06-4703-3870、FAX:06-4703-3895 We are sincerely looking forward to receiving submissions from all Abeno Ward residents!

Event date

Date: Sunday, October 10

   We will be showing videos in the Abeno Carnival.

If you're an Abeno Ward resident, please contribute to this event!

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