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News / 2023.04.06

【You're a winner!?】Announcing winners of online surveys ★MARCH★

Thank you for participating in YOLO JAPAN's online surveys.

You could be a winner! ♡

《Gift:Amazon gift card

Survey title:

[Get 5,000 yen!] Survey for those with permanent resident, long-term resident, or spouse status


Amazon gift card:¥5,000

And the winners are...

YOLO ID:***867, ***58, ***243

Survey title:

【1 minute survey!】What is your favorite Japanese food? Please name ONE!

【1 minute survey!】What made you embarrassed in Japan?

【1 minute survey!】What do you want to eat at Hanami?


Amazon gift card:¥500

And the winners are...

YOLO ID:***465, ***8, ***791, ***636

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