Column / 2019.08.20

【Questionnaire Results】Survey Report: Job Changes among Foreigners in Japan

We surveyed 680 people from 52 countries who are living in Japan about changing jobs.

Over 90% of repsondents viewed job changes positively, and out of 90%, 30% were actively considering changing jobs.

Below is the ranking for the reasons of changing jobs.
1. Looking for career advancement or a more rewarding position (51%)
2. Dissatisfaction with salary or company (44%)
3. The contract was completed (4%)
4. Human relations weren't optimal (1%)

Additionally, the average number of companies people applied to before successfully changing jobs was 8, and 74% of people answered that it took them less than 6 months.

Below is the ranking for difficulties when changing jobs.
1. The Japanese language is difficult
2. I didn't pass the interview / I couldn't make time for the interview
4. It costs money
5. The paperwork to leave a company is difficult

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