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News / 2023.09.05

★Congratulations★Winner Announcement【September】

Thank you for participating in YOLO JAPAN's online surveys and campaigns.
The winners will receive a wonderful present!
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Winner Announcement

Online Monitor/Campaign Name



【Get the gift!】 How do you study Japanese?

Amazon Gift Card
1,000 Yen


【Gift Cards for 20 people! 】Let's hear from everyone working in Japan

Amazon Gift Card
500 Yen


【Easy in 5 min】Do you know that YOLO JAPAN has a scouting service?

Amazon Gift Card
500 Yen


What do you think about the YOLO JAPAN website?

Amazon Gift Card
1,500 Yen


【Those who found job at YOLO】Let us interview you!

Amazon Gift Card
5,000 Yen


【Easy in 1 min】Tell us about the Japanese company you would like to work for!

Amazon Gift Card
500 Yen


Tell us about your job!

Amazon Gift Card
500 Yen


【Everyone will receive a gift card!】Refer your friend campaign!🙌

Amazon Gift Card
300 Yen


【Get a gift!】What are the problems you face
in your life in Japan?

Amazon Gift Card
1,000 Yen


【English Seminar】How to find a job even if you are not good at Japanese│YOLO WORK CAMP

Amazon Gift Card
500 Yen


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We will send you the gift code by email, so please wait.
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