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News / 2023.10.18

♬ A project to deliver the charm of music all around Japan has started!

YOLO JAPAN collaborating with *日本センチュリー交響楽団 (Japan Century Symphony Orchestra) will deliver the charm of music to all non-Japanese living in Japan✨

Until now, YOLO JAPAN has provided life support services with main service is to provide job listing for non-Japanese residents.
With this collaboration, we hope that non-Japanese residents will enrich their live in Japan through entertainment.

We have survey and questionnaire about music for music lovers, so please check out this page ★

Survey / Questionnaire

Please stay tuned to our future collaborations!

《日本センチュリー交響楽団ーJapan Century Symphony Orchestra》
Since 1989, the orchestra has been active mainly in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture. With a world-class conductor, the orchestra is highly acclaimed throughout Japan.

"Showing the strength of community through excellent performance"
"Providing excitement and healing through an orchestra"
“Discover outstanding talent and contribute to the development of the next generation”
"Actively contribute to global mutual understanding and peace."

Based on these ideas, we work in hopes of spreading bright dreams to people.

Official website:: https://www.jcso.or.jp