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News / 2021.02.24

YOLO JAPAN, Inc. has formed a business alliance with Art Moving Center

YOLO JAPAN, Inc (Representative Director: Taisuke Kaji, Osaka Head Office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, hereinafter referred to as "YOLO JAPAN"), which operates one of the largest media companies in Japan with 170,000 registered foreign residents from 226 countries, would like to announce that as of January ___, 2021, it will form a business alliance with Art Corporation (President: Masatoshi Terada, Osaka Head Office: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, hereinafter referred to as "Art Corporation")

■Business Alliance Background
In response to the voices of foreign residents who are experiencing difficulties in finding properties in Japan that they are able to move into, YOLO JAPAN launched YOLO HOME, a multilingual real estate information website for foreign residents on August 12, 2020. YOLO JAPAN has been providing language and procedural support for foreign residents through an intermediary company that can provide multilingual support during the viewing and moving-in process.

Home screen of YOLO HOME, a multilingual real estate information site for foreign residents 

Since the launch of the service, over 500 inquiries have been received from foreign users from all over Japan, as well as many favorable comments. In order to further enhance its support for foreign residents, YOLO JAPAN has formed a business alliance with Art Corporation, a nationwide moving services provider, in addition to its existing real estate information service, enabling it to provide a one-stop service from the selecting of properties to the arrangement of moving companies.

■Business Alliance Details

・Through the multilingual real estate site YOLO HOME, foreign residents are provided with rental property information and multilingual services for procedures, as well as moving company proposals and requests for estimates

✓Foreign residents who use this service
・Users can both sign rental agreements with the properties they have inquired about and apply for moving services with Art Moving Center

✓Art Corporation 
・Art Corporation will be given data from YOLO JAPAN on foreign residents who have received moving services estimates, and provide moving services to foreign residents upon request

Through this business alliance, YOLO JAPAN and Art Corporation aim to expand the foreign resident market and in working toward solving the problems of foreign residents living in Japan, contribute to reaching globally shared SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) #10, "Reduce inequality within and among countries."