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Column / 2023.02.15

【Working in Japan】Being punctual

Being punctual is?

Arriving earlier than the scheduled time.

When there is an interview or work, let's arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

For example?

1) When you have an interview at 3 PM

Let's arrive at the interview place at 2:50 PM!

If there's a possibility that you might get lost.

If there's a possibility that the train get delayed.

Let's leave home earlier so that you can arrive earlier!

2) When work starts at 9 AM

Let's get there earlier so that you can start working right away at 9 AM!

Do you have time to change clothes? Is your computer ready?

Arriving or getting ready at 9 AM are not good!

Let's finish all the preparations before we start!


Q : Work starts at 9 AM. What time should you be ready by?

① 8:50 AM  ② 9 AM  ③ 9:10 AM






  The answer is?★






① 8:50 AM

If you get ready earlier, you can check if you forgot anything👍

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