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Column / 2023.02.15

【Working in Japan】When you're late

What you have to do if you are coming late to an interview or work?

Let's call the company to inform them about your lateness as soon as possible!

Let's apologize once you arrive at the interview or work place!

Try to use the following Japanese!

For example? 

1) To explain that you will be late for the interview


きょう 〇じ から めんせつ の (なまえ)です。  

Kyo 〇ji kara mensetsu no (your name) desu.

《Not just say your name, but let's say I'm having an interview》


すみません、みちに まよいました。

Sumimasen, michi ni mayoimashita.

《Let's explain your reason for being late》


〇ふん ぐらい おくれます。

〇hun gurai okuremasu.

《Not just say 「I'm late」, but let's say I'm going to be 〇 minutes late》

2) To apologize for being late at work


おくれて すみません。

Okurete sumimasen.

《First、let's apologize》



Densha wo machigaemashita.

《Let's explain your reason for being late》


これからは、おくれないように きをつけます。

Korekara wa okurenai youni ki wo tsukemasu.

《Let's explain what you are going to do so that you won't be late anymore》


Q:When you are late for the interview, what do you do?

① Send E-mail ✉  ② Call📞  ③ Run🏃






  The answer is ?★






② Call📞

They might not be able to read the email before the interview time. So let's call them as soon as possible!

In "My Page" on YOLO JAPAN's website, you can find the company's phone number and email address in theInterview Schedulesection.

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