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Column / 2023.03.06

【Self-introduction video】How to take a good video!

What is a self-introduction video?

It's a video to show your good qualities!

Use the self-introduction video to show what you have to offer!
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How to take a great self-introduction video!

①Speak with enthusiasm!

Take off your mask and speak cheerfully and with enthusiasm.


②Speak in Japanese!

We recommend speaking in Japanese since many people in Japanese companies do not understand English.

Please try your best to say your name and where you live in Japanese!


③Let's get a good, clean shot from the front!

Your self-introduction video will be viewed by the companies you apply to!


Take the shot from the front at face height.





Q: You don't speak much Japanese.

    But you want to apply for jobs!

  What should you do?

① Speak in English.

② Speak in your native language.

③ Say your name and where you live in Japanese.






  The answer is?★






③ Say your name and where you live in Japanese.



私の 名前は、〇〇です。東京に 住んでいます。

わたしの なまえは、〇〇です。とうきょうに すんでいます。

Watashi no namae wa 〇〇 desu. Tokyo ni sundeimasu.