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Column / 2023.04.03

《What made you embarrassed in Japan?》Everyone's answer③

YOLO JAPAN will publish simple surveys every week!

What made you embarrassed in Japan this time? Let's see the result !


Too many buttons!

"How do you flush a toilet?"

Japanese toilets have so many buttons that it's hard to understand, isn't it!

Most of the buttons in this image are for use with washlets.

The location of the flush button is different depending on the manufacturer.

Most of them are labeled 「小」「大」so be sure to look for them.

(In this image, there is a button to flush)

Two people gave the same answer this time.

Were the two people who answered the question able to flush the toilet?

We still have some interesting answers to share with you!

Please look forward to it!

We will continue to post surveys twice a week, please check them out!

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